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Herald Courier - Bristol, VA

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This page is from the Herald-Courier located in Bristol, VA and is owned by BH Media Group, Inc. It is an example of a very attractive format for both the churches and business sponsors.

**  Circulation 30,000

**  Rate for Businesses of $15.75 with 23 Ads

**  Church Rate averages $15 per week

**  Revenue of $35,000 per year

**  Customer since 1999

The larger color ads command $15.75 per week while the very popular line ad format for the churches allows pastors to place a color picture in their ad with prices averaging $15 per week. The page stays full week after week with our replacement services and therefore always brings in $3,000 per month. The Herald-Courier also uses the Keister-Williams provided  Online Religion Site. Feel free to contact Randy Lohrenz via email at rlohrenz@bristolnews.com or call him at 276-645-2526.