Keister-Williams has been helping newspapers
generate revenue through church page
sponsorship sales since 1939. But we're much
more than that TODAY.

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Our experienced sales team is here to do
the heavy lifting for you! Our process is a proven
success for over 350 newspapers across the country.

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Your faith

Let us help you build and serve your faith community
with our content services.

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We’re here to guide you every step of the way!
We’ve helped hundreds of newspapers better
serve their faith readership.

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Revenue opportunities

Tap into hidden revenue sources.

Religion sections and Church pages are an excellent opportunity to foster your community presence and separate you from the competition, but they’re also an untapped source of revenue. Businesses and Churches want vehicles to reach your readers but you don't have the resources dedicated to this audience -- let Keister-Williams help you tap into this hidden revenue.

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No need to go it alone.

Our sales team has helped hundreds of newspapers generate revenue with sponsorship sales. Do you have staff dedicated to this task? We pride ourselves on become an extension of your professional sales staff and will always represent your newspaper with honesty and integrity. Let us help you become our next success story!

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Little or No content? Let us help you get started.

Do you want to serve your faith-based readers but don't yet have content? Or do you have existing content that you'd like to expand or update? With our Weekly Faith feature, expanded church news, Minister Columns, and other local content services we can help build a readership section supported by revenue that will solidify your community presence.

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Serving newspapers across the country.

Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc. provides profitable readership pages and other advertising-based products to the newspapers we serve. We succeed by employing our talent in the areas of content provision and advertising sales toward our customers' specific market considerations and internal needs. Our customers are daily and weekly newspapers that have a significant market presence and share our core values.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you happy with your Newspaper's coverage of the Faith Community?

Let's face it. Newspapers have a unique position when it comes to community religion coverage. Do TV stations provide church news or Radio stations read off Church Service schedules in your market? Probably not -- so let us help you provide this information to readers as a service that makes your product unique and focused on your community. See example sections.

Q: Are you publishing a free print directory of all area churches in your newspaper?

If so then you might realize significant savings from moving that to the Online Worship Site that we can provide while helping the churches get their message to your readers at a nominal cost -- everyone wins. Find out how to make this process work while building new revenue as we provide the site and all associated services to contact the churches in your community. View sample Online Relgion Sections.

Q: Would you like to find out how to increase your current business sponsor revenue by a factor of 2 or more?

With over 200 newspapers as current customers, we have experience with all market sizes and production constraints. It may surprise how easily we can build revenue through more businesses, higher rates, or both. Let us evaluate what you have and give you a proposal. Look at the links to our Showcase for Case studies on how we accomplish this task.

Q: Worried about using Outside Sales staff, Signing a long-term agreement, or How much it costs to do business with us?

We have been doing Church pages since 1939 and under the current ownership since 1972 so we can answer all your questions because we have worked through many situations. We can give your testimonials and references of people in the industry you have worked with before because we have most likely worked with them also. Check out our testimonials.