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Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc. is the leading partner for newspapers that need to produce revenue from readership pages. We are best known as the oldest and largest church page sales company in the business.

What do we do?
We take pages in your newspaper that you publish each week and produce revenue from businesses in the area that want to participate as sponsors. We have grown to serve almost 500 newspapers by providing church page content (our inspirational weekly feature) and sponsor sales support.

What's new?
As evidence that we are helping customers in new ways, our subsidiary, Special Advertising Sales, Inc., provides revenue from Kids Pages and Bible Verse Contests. We currently provide content and sell sponsors on the Kid Scoop™ and Discover the Bible™ products respectively.

The bottom line...
The bottom line is that we represent untapped revenue in your market and work on a commission-only basis. We only receive what we earn.

The problem has been framed to us as follows: "I would publish these pages for my readers with or without sponsor advertising but at least I can defray the costs with sponsors sold by Keister-Williams." [John Miller, Publisher, Oak Ridge TN].

So why not use your own staff? As Carol Hahn, Regional AD for Brown Publishing Company has said to our salesperson in Ohio, "I certainly do not want my ad reps selling these lower-cost ads."

Find out more about our revenue-producing features:
Church Page Kid Scoop™ Discover the Bible™
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