Mission statement

Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc. provides profitable readership pages and other advertising-based products to the newspapers we serve.We succeed by employing our talent in the areas of content provision and advertising sales toward our customers' specific market considerations and internal needs. Our customers are daily and weekly newspapers that have a significant market presence and share our core values.

Core values

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Competence
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Stewardship
  • Long-term outlook
  • Focus on relationships

Our commitment to you

Striving for excellence in all we do.

We demonstrate our Customer Service orientation with qualities such as asking questions, researching the specific customer and market, application of our experience with hundreds of newspapers, and following through on promises. We further demonstrate our commitment by visiting customers, constantly measuring results, giving ad referrals, our policy of "we don't get paid if you don't", and the launch of new products such as Kid Scoop™. We believe that profit results from loving what we do and making the short-run decisions that produce long-term loyalty of employees and customers. Our higher purpose is measured by the meaningful messages communicated in the readership pages we support.

Our history

Serving newspapers across the country since 1939.

Keister-Williams started as two separate companies. Williams Newspaper Features Syndicate Inc.,formed in 1939 by C.T. Williams, was obtained by G. Walton Lindsay in 1973. Keister Advertising Services was formed in 1944 by Earl Keister. It was purchased in 1984 and the two companies were merged into Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc. Since the merging in 1984, the company has gone through many transformations. The biggest is our evolution from a Field-based sales force to a hybrid sales staffing model that combines onsite selling with telesales. We have become very flexible in our ability to model our sales approach to fit various market situations. Our Online Religion Site was first developed in 2001 to provide print+online packages to sponsors and churches in a combined site. This is what customers want in addition to future possibilities for mobile site implementation. We continue to adopt new tools to improve our response to customer needs such as our transaction-oriented Call Management Systems and we see a great future as we expand within our core business of reader-focused content that businesses and organizations want to sponsor.

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Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc.
Telephone: (800) 293-4709
E-mail: kw@kwnews.com