Revenue Opportunities

Tap into hidden revenue sources for your publication

Are religion and community faith coverage a part of your readership content?

Church pages are an excellent opportunity to foster community and values with your readership, but they’re also an untapped source of revenue. Keister-Williams helps newspapers tap into this hidden revenue through sponsor sales of church pages, and we’ve been doing it since 1939.

We take pages in your newspaper that you publish each week and produce revenue from businesses in the area that want to participate as sponsors. We have grown to serve over 200 newspapers by providing church page content (our inspirational weekly feature) and sponsor sales support.

Case Study: Gaston Gazette - Gaston, NC

Gaston Gazette

Gaston Gazette - Click to enlarge

The Gaston Gazette is a daily newspaper located in Gastonia, NC. They publish their religion section on Saturdays to a circulation of 18,000. It is an example of providing color at a value price along with the total worship package of print + online.

The business sponsor page is on the left showing a full page of ads with the Church Directory page on the right showing large display ads as well as some classified line listings to offer churches a choice.

On the right is a screen-print of the Online Site that completes the print+online package we can offer to the churches and businesses.This helps provide value for higher revenue.

Keister-Williams replaced another outside vendor, worked with the staff to prepare a 6 week plan that transformed the 3 page "Faith" Section from weekly revenue of $650 to $1,050 for annual revenue of $55,000

For a crisp view of the pages and site... Click to enlarge.

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