This is a letter from Craig Duncan at the Daily Herald in Columbia Tennessee. I don’t normally do these letters but I offered to give this reference for Keister-Williams Newspaper Services, Inc. because I am a big fan of their service. They have taken my church page that appears every week and turned it from a frustrating nuisance with its empty business sponsor ad boxes and made it a consistent revenue producer.

The best thing is – I don’t ever have to worry about it bringing in net revenue of at least $15,000 per year.

I like knowing that Keister-Williams has been doing business under its current owners since 1972 and started in 1939.  I have personally worked with them since 2005.

As such, the company has always shown integrity and focused on my needs – a true partner. They keep the page full of sponsors who pay their bills and I am comfortable allowing their sales representatives into my market. They have always been professional and make sure they bring me other ad referrals and feedback from advertisers.

Give them a call or look on their website for other revenue producing ideas like their Online Religion Site – a place to create a current and complete directory of churches online for your readers while getting more revenue from a combo package. My contact at Keister-Williams is Ky Lindsay at 800-293-4709 – his email is

Craig Duncan, Daily Herald - Columbia, TN,